Welcome to the Stevenage Education Support Centre

We are an organisation designed to work with young people, schools, families and other associated professionals.

We are a Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Centre based in Collenswood Road, Stevenage. On this site we provide education for young people in KS3 and KS4 who are permanently excluded or at risk of permanent exclusion from their school whether in Stevenage or elsewhere in North Hertfordshire.

Our aim is to assist the young people in returning to a permanent full time education placement whether it be a school or elsewhere. We will then assist in supporting their re-integration. In addition to the on-site provision above we also provide, when space allows, opportunities for full time Respite places for half term blocks. In the afternoons we offer a ‘Back on Track’ Group for those young people who need a little refocusing on their school provision.

Our Outreach Service works with schools in the Stevenage area both Primary and Secondary to assist in preventing permanent exclusions and reducing the numbers of pupils at risk.

Added to this we also support our local schools in the development of their staff through Behaviour Support Network Groups and in providing training opportunities/experience allowing staff to build up knowledge and experience.

Visitors, whether parents or associated professionals, are always welcome.

Dan Nearney, Headteacher

Stevenage ESC Ofsted Report 2017:

"Regular lessons in English, mathematics and science enable pupils to make significant gains in their literacy, numeracy and scientific understanding.   Activities are linked well to everyday-life situations to make learning enjoyable, meaningful and relevant..."
"....pupils benefit greatly from the good teaching and intensive,
one-to-one support provided for them.  Individual plans enable staff to monitor how effectively each pupil is doing against the targets set for them."


Parent Comment:

"I strongly believe since my son has started the ESC he has completely changed his behaviour and attitude, they have not only supported him but us as a family and I couldn't ask for better staff they are all fantastic.

Thank you."



If you require any of the information on our website as a paper copy,

please contact the Centre Office on 01438 369119 or by email on admin@stevenage-esc.herts.sch.uk


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