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Stevenage Education Support Centre is committed to providing students with high quality Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) regarding all possible education pathways and careers. Promoting a career development ethos is an essential part of the vision of the Centre. We aim to support the aspirations of all our students to ensure they gain the understanding, skills and experience required to make progress and succeed in learning and work. Effective careers education and guidance contributes to the wellbeing of individuals but also to the wellbeing of their families and the communities to which they belong. To achieve this, aim the Centre uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to develop and improve the careers provision offered.

Work experience is run in KS4:

Work Experience is always important, especially now in our current economic climate. Therefore, gaining more work-related experience is likely to give students an advantage in the labour market by the time they leave full-time education.
All students will get the opportunity to participate in a Work Experience placement during their time with us; with students able to find their own placements or with the support school, a placement can be organised with one of the many local companies we have a relationship with; examples of companies we have used for Work Experience are Stevenage FC Foundation, Campshill Primary School, Bob’s Tyres and The Rusty Gun. All placements are risk assessed prior to the student starting, and can be extended if the student and placement agree it has been successful. While students are not on a work experience placement they attend a weekly get ready for college placement. Staff members will visit students and keep in contact during their time in placement.

Careers and Work Experience Team:

Careers Lead: Jake Holbrook -

Careers and Work Experience Supervisor: Steve Fuller -

Careers Admin: Emma Saunders -

Work Experience Co-Ordinator: Sarah Lockyer

Work Experience Co-Ordinator: Lisa Cottle -

Careers Governor: Jane Shipley

The SESC Centre Policy for Careers, Education and Vocational Guidance can be found on our Centre Policies page or by clicking Link

Gatsby Benchmarks

In 2013, Gatsby commissioned Sir John Holman to set out what career guidance in England would be like if it were good by international standards, resulting in the Good Career Guidance report. The eight benchmarks set out in the report serve as a framework for improvement in careers provision and have been adopted as part of the Government's Careers Strategy and statutory guidance for schools and colleges. In addition, The Careers & Enterprise Company now supports the implementation of the benchmarks in schools and colleges with a national network of support, resources and targeted funding. (

Current Gatsby Progress:

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