Curriculum Intent

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

At Stevenage ESC we offer an ambitious curriculum to address social disadvantages by giving students knowledge and skills to take advantage of opportunities, responsibilities and experiences so that they can change their world. Our curriculum is based around our Centres’ values; tolerance, teamwork, kindness, resilience, high aspirations and citizenship. The intent is that all learners follow a personalised curriculum which is rooted in high aspirations. Students leave us with enhanced life chances and are provided with as many life experiences as we can provide, so that they can succeed in life. We bridge gaps in learning at both key stages and each student follows a personalised curriculum that enables permanent learning. Academic and vocational subjects are offered at GCSE, NCFE Functional Skills, City and Guilds and Cambridge National Qualifications and BTEC.
The highest priority is placed on literacy. We know that a strong foundation in literacy is the building block for future success in learning.

An inherent part of our curriculum is preparing students for the world of work. In KS3 cross-curriculum ‘get work ready’ activities are embedded in practice. In KS4 students participate in a Work Experience placement once a week. These placements form part of the KS4 curriculum and equips students with the necessary skills, contacts and expectations to progress successfully to their next destination.

Our personal development curriculum offers PHSCE, Social Development, Mentoring, Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience and Career Advice and Guidance through group work, workshops and individual sessions. The intention is to equip students with knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed. We encourage a curiosity about life and provide them with the belief that they can be successful in life. We are both proactive and reactive to our local needs. We believe that the curriculum operates beyond the classroom and school trips are an integral part of centre life.
Weekly mentoring session for all students enable discussions surrounding life-skills, emotional maturity, work experience placements and any difficulties arising. Consistency of mentors is key to the success of this programme.

Underpinning our curriculum is strong partnership working with our parents, carers and local community.

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