Key Stage 4

Course Content

Students in year 10 study GCSE combined science. The lessons help to re-engage students in the subject as well as closing gaps in knowledge and scientific skills. Over this two year course, students develop an understanding of how their body works, and how the world around them works. We aim to spark an interest science and show how the topics link to so many occupations out there. We arm our students with knowledge and skills that will help them in their next steps and allow them to make informed decisions in the future.


AQA GCSE Combined Science Synergy. There are 10 themes that are covered over two years:

1. Building blocks

2. Transport over larger distances

3. Interactions with the environment

4. Explaining change

5. Building blocks for understanding

6. Interactions over small and large distances

7. Movement and interactions

8. Guiding Spaceship Earth towards a sustainable future

9. Key ideas

The course also includes 21 required practicals.

The GCSE exam is taken at the end of Year 11. It consists of 4 papers (1 hour 45 minutes each).