Dan Nearney


Anne-Marie O’Sullivan

Deputy Head, SENCO

Subject Teachers

James Anderson

Mike Evans

Rony Ford

Stephen Fuller

Jake Holbrook

Andrew Kennett-Smith

Kelly Parker

Glenn Percival

Amy Sawyer

Tina Stanley

Suzanne Upton

Back on Track staff

Donna Bruce

Jenny Lake

Outreach Workers

Secondary Outreach

Gemma Anderson

Diane Carter

Rony Ford

Jenny Howard

Primary Outreach

Rony Ford

Family and Community Lead

Claire Matthews

Support Staff

School Business Manager

Heidi Nash

Admin Team

Rachael Fleet, Liz Gera, Joanne Griffith, Julie-ann Ogle, Emma Saunders, Jayne Woolhead

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

Lisa Cottle, Lorrayne Fraser, Jess Kirby, Jenny Lake

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Sarah Lockyer, Laura Read

Chef and Student Therapy Mentor

Anders Rahim-Christensen

Music Therapy Mentor

Paul Fairey