Reading Rationale
At Stevenage ESC we have a multi layered approach to reading.
We have ERIC time – Everyone Reading in the Centre. For 10 minutes a day students are allocated a reading mentor. Students read real books and they choose what they would like to read. This can be fiction or non-fiction.
Students with below age related expectations for reading are encouraged to pair read – this is a multi-sensory approach to reading, where students look, say and listen. If a student is unable to follow this strategy, then they read to and with the staff.
If students are competent then they may read in a group and may read fiction or non -fiction and this may include reading on the computer and having that shared group experience.
In lessons students are not asked to read aloud if they are insecure about their ability.
Staff are role models for enjoying reading and there is a note on each staff member’s door which has the details of the book that they are reading.
The overall reading test average age increase is 1 year 6 months, over an average period of 6 months. The highest increase was 3 years and 4 months.
Carl Newport's Poems