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Our Sailing Trip by the Students
On the 18th October we set off for the boat trip for five days, we were all looking forward to the boat trip because we got a week off school. All of us were very excited. The boat, which was called Duet, was moored up at Ipswich Haven Marina.
On the trip we had to put up the sails which were the main sail, the jib, the back sail and the spinnakers. The main sail was held up by the boom and the gaff. My favorite part was when we all worked together to get all the jobs done and learning all the different knots.
There were many jobs that we had to do such as the cleaning, cooking and putting the sails up and down. Our other favorite parts were when we were all steering, navigating, completing the log book and when we got to go bowling.
The reason we went bowling was because of the weather forecast. It was forecast to be Force 7 on the Beaufort Wind Scale, this being near Gale Force.
Toby is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for five years and kindly visited our school to  speak to our students about his story. Toby wrote a lovely Blog about his visit to SESC, please see below: 'Yesterday I spoke about alcoholism and my story to two groups of children at a Stevenage Education and Support centre (a pupil referral unit).⁣ All I can say is WOW! Some of the children have had to overcome more in their short lives than most would in 10 lifetimes. ⁣ They were two of the best groups I've ever had the privilege to stand in front of. They listened intently and even asked lots of brilliant questions.⁣ It was obvious the staff have a huge passion for giving their pupils a better start to life. It shone through each and every one of them.⁣ ⁣Even though I told the kids, I don't think they realised how much them listening to me rattle on, REALLY HELPS ME!⁣ It helps me keep my head in the right place. Absolutely blown away by yesterday! I feel like someone's zapped my batteries. If you have a story to tell that could help todays youth...I highly recommend telling it! Huge thank you to JANE SHIPLEY ⁣for inviting me and for all the amazing work you do! You can read Toby's story using the following link Toby's Blog And support can be found using this link NAOCA