Outreach & Sibling Project


The Outreach team are specialist behavior support workers who support all Stevenage-based mainstream secondary schools. The team provides bespoke support to both school staff and pupils with social emotional and behavioral difficulties. The team supports the school to promote the positive behavior of pupils.
We aim to provide early intervention to reduce the pupil’s risk or need for permanent exclusion. We have positive relationships with staff in our schools and recognize that the need of schools and pupils can differ widely. Therefore, we offer a flexible, broad range of services, with a wide range of multi-agencies and professional partners available to work alongside.
Referrals for the Outreach service are to be made through the school only.

What we can offer;

  • Bespoke 1:1 weekly session in the pupil’s school
  • Specific focus sessions
  • Groups work – Anxiety, resilience, self-esteem
  • Staff training – Advice and strategies
  • Support with PSP and IBP reports
  • Support with parent meetings
  • Managed move support
  • Reintegration support
  • Signposting/multiagency working
  • Family support work
  • Parent workshops/coffee mornings
  • Support for staff through regular communication, planning, and discussion
  • ASD/ADHD support for support
  • Relationship/conflict support
  • Anger management
  • Transition support through DSPL2 Program


We are continually adapting and working to meet the needs of schools and their students.

The Sibling Project

The Sibling Project is a targeted service designed to address siblings of students attending the ESC. It is a preventative measure, with the intention of raising awareness for members of the family of students in our care. We are aware of the impact thatthe exclusion journey can have on other members of the family. This has the intention to address students that otherwise may not raise other concerns. Throughout meticulous research we had identified that siblings of students attending the centre may experience adverse situations during the process and they may be more likely to repeat the generational cycle.  The aims are: 

  1. To prevent siblings from attending the ESC 
  2. To provide personalised plans for each family set up by school and outreach 
  3. To provide individual support for the sibling